How to pump at a wedding and still look cute…

This summer we attended a 4th of July wedding in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. My husband and I were so excited for a road trip and a couple of nights away from baby, even though it would be our first time without her.  The moment I sent our RSVP that we would “delightfully attend,”    I was immediately overwhelmed and anxious about going. How could I leave my baby for a couple of nights? How would she sleep? But the biggest fear was “HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO PUMP AT THIS WEDDING?” What bag will I use and what will I wear to avoid drawing attention to my sneaky pumping session that would most likely be in a weird bathroom stall?

I know some of you may be thinking “WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST GO TO HER CAR TO PUMP” Well that would have been the easiest thing to do. However, the wedding invites mentioned there would be a charter bus bringing us an hour up the mountains to the chateau. Knowing we wouldn’t have the privacy of our car and would have to wait for the shuttle to bring us back, I knew I couldn’t go 8 hours without pumping. So I went on a mission to find the perfect outfit that would look cute and allow me to pump and dump effectively.

The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains (Actual picture taken by the Groom)

The Outfit…

The first item of business was picking a dress that would allow for quick boob access or what I like to call Q.B.A. ( LOL)  but really though. Trying to look cute and finding a dress that you can quickly slip your breast out to pump is not an easy task!!! Not to mention, you don’t want to spill anything on your dress during your covert mission; it would blow your cover and be pretty embarrassing. After exhausting my options at some of my favorite stores, I took to the old reliable I ordered two dresses and picked the best fit.


Bardot lalia Cold-Shoulder Faux-Wrap Maxi Dress

The dress turned out to be pretty amazing and comfortable. It was $109 and is now on sale for $89 at It was flowy and cute all while providing proper support for the girls. I was even able to slip in nursing pads in case of a little leak :/  (Side note:  I wore these comfy flats with this dress; which in my opinion was a Double Score. Either way it would look great with dressy sandals or heels).
Thalia Sodi – Rose Gold Sandals – Macy’s

The Tools…

Next up was to find a good and tiny hand pump to fit into a small bag. I ordered the Medela hand pump and Medela Pump and Save bags to help maximize space. You can pump directly into the bag and toss it right after. Again; I was pumping and dumping as I was finally able to enjoy a few drinks. There was no worry about taking it back to the hotel refrigerator.


Medela Hand Pump

The Bag…

The next thing I needed was a great bag that was small but practical. I couldn’t quite fit everything into a clutch, but I was able to use my favorite red Gucci handbag.  This bag is a perfect size and holds its shape so well. It also has a crossbody strap for when you are feeling lazy. Lastly, the color scheme worked great for a 4th of July wedding!

Gucci Soft Signature Cross Body
TIP: Buy a travel size package of wipes to clean your pump before putting it back in your purse  

The Wedding…

My husband and I enjoyed a quiet morning relaxing in the room kid free. It felt weird, but I must say it was a nice treat. The Charter Bus was due to pick everyone up from the hotel at 3:00 pm to take us to the wedding. I made sure to plan my pumps so that I could have a good session with my electronic pump right before walking out the door.  I did pretty good getting ready, but there was a bit of a scramble at the end to finish accessorizing. All that mattered was we made it downstairs in time for the shuttle with a drink in hand; off to the wedding, we went.

TIP: Do your hair & make up early leaving plenty of time to pump before you go

The wedding venue was out of this world beautiful; perched on top of a mountain with the most incredible views. We enjoyed a fun cocktail hour surrounded by some awesome people. As soon as the bride and groom made their entrance, things quieted down, and the first dance was in full swing. I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to hit the bathroom for some privacy. I chose to see my friends have their first dance and then quickly disappeared during the rest of the family dances. I didn’t want to miss them, but I knew the stalls would be empty as all eyes were on the bride and groom.

TIP: Pick a time during the wedding that you are okay with missing. If you wait until the dancing and drinks resume, you may end up waiting in line for a stall. 


This was the second pump of the night

Mission Complete….

I was able to pump twice before heading back to the hotel. Everyone was hanging down in the lobby bar for after hour drinks.  I ran up to the room and was able to use my electronic pump before heading back out to finish the night. Overall I would say it was a success. I didn’t stress too much and ended up having a great time.

So to the pumping mamas out there, don’t worry the next time you see that wedding invite in your mailbox. Get creative and take a breath. Skip the complicated outfit that you know will leave you fussy all night! Remember to pick a dress that has easy access for your breasts, find a cute bag that can fit a hand pump and be strategic about your day. You have enough to worry about caring for your little one. Happy Pumping Mamas.

You are doing a GREAT job.

Me and the hubby


Finished look


Hope this was helpful. Feel free to share your tips for other mamas out there. Drop a comment below or email me at [email protected]

 With ♥ Stacey

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  1. What great advice! My kiddos are older now, but I clearly remember being in situations like this and not knowing where to turn for advice. You current nursing Mamas are changing a whole lot of attitudes toward the naturalness and healthfulness of nursing.
    By the way, outfit is super cute!

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